pablo vision , pablo recidivision

Cover art and design for:

A Bellyful Of Anarchy – Rob Plath – Epic Rites Press

There’s A Fist Dunked In Blood Beating In My Chest – Rob Plath – Epic Rites Press

Dead Reckoning – Todd Moore – Epic Rites Press

Crudely Mistaken For Life – Wolfgang Carstens – Epic Rites Press

Can’t Stop Now! – John Yamrus – Epic Rites Press

Doing Cartwheels On Doomsday Afternoon – John Yamrus – Epic Rites Press

Laughing At Funerals – David McLean – Epic Rites Press

Hellbound – David McLean – Epic Rites Press

Frostbitten – Mark Walton – Epic Rites Press

Blood and Greasepaint – Karl Koweski – Epic Rites Press

Crunked – Jack Henry – Epic Rites Press

The Epic Rites Journal Issue #1 – Various Authors – Epic Rites Press

The Broken And The Damned – Jason Hardung – Epic Rites Press

The Buddha Doesn’t Live Here – James Darman – Epic Rites Press

Workers In Blood – Chapbook Series – Epic Rites Press

Badlands – Amanda Boschetto – Epic Rites Press (not published)

Parasite Lost – D M Mitchell – Paraphilia Books

Parasite Regained – D M Mitchell – Paraphilia Books

Of Dead Snakes – David McLean – Rain Over Bouville Publications

Hybrid – Linda J. Washinton – d/e/a/d/b/e/a/t press

Dry Your Eyes – private commission – Pyramus Press

Journal/Magazine front covers:

Morpheus Tales XII

Heavy Bear Issue Two

Umbrella – Winter 2008

 pablo vision , pablo recidivision

 pablo vision , pablo recidivision

Written work and/or internal illustrations published:

Tree Killer Ink #9

Beat The Dust – Oct 2010 – Spoken Word Issue

Tree Killer Ink #7

Tree Killer Ink #5

Clinical, Brutal: An Anthology of Writing with Guts (Clinicality Press)

Paraphilia Magazine Issue Five

Mungbeing 28

Quantum Genre in the Planet of Arts

Paraphilia Magazine Issue Three

Heavy Bear (featured artist & cover art)

Paraphilia Magazine Issue One

Black River Publishing – Literary Bitch

Mungbeing 23

Black-Listed Magazine

Heroin Love Songs Vol. 4

Epic Rites 2

Umbrella (including cover art)

The Poetry Warrior

Bare Back Magazine

The Shine Journal

Rural Messengers Press – Side of Grits

Sein und Werden – Fetishes and Philias

MungBeing 22

Epic Rites 1

Clockwise Cat 12

Fissure Magazine (Shadow Archer Press)

Eviscerator Heaven 4

Sein Und Werden – Memento Mori (print issue)

Sein Und Werden – Memento Mori (online issue)

Neonbeam 6

MungBeing 21

Eviscerator Heaven 2


Debris Magazine

Zygote in my Coffee

Heroin Love Songs Vol. 1 (pushcart nominated)

MungBeing 20


Instant Pussy

Neonbeam 5

Sein und Werden – Sein, Cos, Tan

Clockwise Cat 10

Cherrypicked Hand

Gloom Cupboard (Erbacce Press)

Dogzplot Flash Fiction Anthology


Beat The Dust (selected by guest editor Mark SaFranko)

Straight From The Fridge


Bad Marmalade

Word Slaw

Lit Up Magazine

Up The Staircase

Medusa Netzine

Stories about pablo vision published at The New York Review, Lit Up Magazine, Clockwise Cat, Bad Marmalade, &c

 pablo vision , pablo recidivision


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